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Basic Research

Our objective is to elucidate the intricate mechanisms of acute inflammatory diseases through comprehensive analysis of DNA, RNA, and protein expressions within cells and tissues, with the aim of developing innovative therapeutic strategies. To achieve this, we gather extensive clinical data and specimens, identify challenges, and clarify these findings in our basic research initiatives. We have already established animal models, including sepsis, crush syndrome, heatstroke, burn injuries, head trauma, and blast injuries, enabling us to conduct cutting-edge research in our laboratory, supported by a team of staff with expertise in basic research.

In accordance with the advanced and diversified research methodologies in recent years, we actively engage in collaborative research endeavors, partnering with laboratories, faculties, and institutions within the Osaka University network.

Clinical Research

We conduct a wide range of clinical research for emergency patients, including the development of diagnostic and therapeutic methods, biomarker research, the use of artificial intelligence technology, the establishment of emergency medical systems, and large-scale data research.

For large-scale data research, we use data sets such as the Japan Trauma Data Bank (JTDB) and Osaka emergency information Research Intelligent Operation Network system (ORION) to solve a variety of clinical challenges.